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belt buckle knife, Concealed Belt Knife, Hidden Knife Belt, Buckle Knife Belt, Belt Knives

Belt Buckle Knife Combo - $169.95

Burls Signature Knife Buckle & Belt

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This Concealed Belt Buckle Knife & Belt Combo was designed with Self-Defense in mind. Manufactured by experienced craftsman using only the highest quality materials! Concealed & Hidden Knife Belt! (Burls Quality)

  • Full Grain 1.5" Wide 9-10 oz Bridle Leather

  • Stainless Steel Dagger 2.5" Inch Knife

  • Knife Material: AEB-L Stainless Steel

  • Knife Process: Cryo-Treated & Tempered 61-62 RHC

  • Bottle Opener Buckle-Handle

  • Snaps and "Keeper" secures belt with or without Knife

  • Made In The USA (Manufactured By Burls)

  • Includes Buckle Dagger Knife & Choice Of Belt (Blk or Brn)

  • Options to buy items individually 

  • Free Domestic Shipping

  • Orders shipped within one business day!

Hunting Knife - Survival Knife - Hiking Knife - Bushcraft Knife - Woodsman Knife - Belt Knife - Concealed Knife - Hidden Knife - EDC Knife
Belt Buckle Knife | Knife Belt | Hidden Belt Knife

Longhorn Dagger Belt Clip 

Longhorn Bull Dagger Blade Knife Belt Clip

Longhorn Bull Dagger Belt Clip - $45.95
Belt Clip Or Pendant Worn Necklace

Longhorn Dagger Knife - This stainless steel dagger features the iconic western longhorn design and can be worn with a necklace; clipped onto your waist, pocket or belt. The knife blade is made from D2 stainless steel and the buckle clip is a hand polished steel alloy. This hidden knife makes for an excellent self defense weapon! (Click For More Info)


  • Knife Material: D2 Stainless Steel

  • Clip-Buckle Material: Hand polished steel alloy buckle - clip

  • Features: Belt - Necklace clip and longhorn dagger design knife

  • Ships within one business day from the USA

Longhorn Dagger #4.jpg


Burls Phone Case With Knife Sheath

Burls Phone Knife Case $139.95

Burls Signature Phone Case With Knife

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Phone Knife Case With Belt Clip (Burls Signature Product) - showcases our signature 6.5 Inches overall, EDC knife with a 2.5" Inch stainless steel blade (legal to open carry), and choice of Bocote exotic hardwood handle (Brown) or Richlite Handle (Black). This full grain 4-5oz veg tan hand dyed leather phone case with sheath, snapping blade strap and belt Clip comes with a brown or black leather finish and is made using the finest US sourced leather and materials. Our Burls phone case fits all major brand phones and allows extra room for hard shell cases. Phone case and sheath pairs nicely with our signature knives! We manufacture this item in-house and use only the finest leather, stainless steel and exotic woods available.



  • Full Grain 4-5oz Veg Tan Hand Dyed Leather Phone Case With Sewn on Sheath (New leather is stiff and takes time to property wear-in, stretching overnight is recommend)

  • Hand Sewn Using High Strength Thread

  • Overall Case Dimensions: 6 Inches High by 4.5 Inches Wide (6"Hx4.5"W)

  • Sheath Dimensions: 4 Inches High by 1.7 Inches Wide (4"Hx1.7"W)

  • Leather Color Options: Black | Brown

  • Includes: Industrial Grade Belt Clip & Snap to secure knife 

KNIFE OPTIONS: Bocote Wood Handle (Brown) | Richlite Handle (Black)

  • Blade Length: 2.5" Inches

  • Overall Knife Length: 6.5" Inches (Full Tang)

  • Knife Material: AEB-L Stainless Steel

  • Knife Process: Cryo-Treated & Tempered 61-62 RHC

  • Handle Material Options: Bocote Exotic Hardwood | Richlite Black

Made In The USA | Manufactured By Burls | Free Domestic Shipping

Leather Phone Case With Knife And Belt Clip


Bowen Knives Belt, Belt Buckle Knife, Leather Knife Buckle Belt, Belt Knives, Bowen Belt, Bowen Knife

Bowen Knife Replacement Belt - $89.95

Bowen inspired peg style belt with Sheath

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Thick 9-10 oz full grain bridle leather | 5-peg hole design with peg eyelet & added keeper! Designed to be used with all peg style and Bowen type buckle knives. Manufactured by experienced craftsman using only the highest grade Leather and materials available! Belt includes choice of belt color (Black | Brown) and size. (Burls Quality)


  • Full Grain 1.5" Wide 9-10 oz Thick Bridle Leather Belt

  • Our design has an two "Keepers" which secures this belt

  • 5-Peg hole design (spaced 1" apart) & Peg Eyelet

  • Made In The USA (Manufactured By Burls)

  • Belt Only (Peg Style Knife Not Available)

  • Free Domestic Shipping 

  • Orders shipped within one business day!

Bowen Knife Belt | Replacement Knife Belt | Bowen Belt | Knife Belt
Bowen Knife Belt, Leather Buckle Knife Belt, Bowen Knives, Belt Buckle Knife, Leather Belt, Self Defense Belt


Burls Sap Cap, Self Defense Baseball Cap, Weighted Ballcap, Slap Cap, Tactical Cap, Defensive Hat, Blackjack hat, blackjack weapon,

Sap Cap | Blackjack Ballcap - $32.95
Self-Defense Ball cap | Blackjack - Black

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Absolute best quality tactical self defense Blackjack weapon ballcap on the market!


Our discrete "Burls Brand Logo Ballcap" is designed with self-defense in mind and can be used as a surprise defensive weapon. Our Sap Cap also referred to as a "slap cap" or "Blackjack" weapon can deliver a devastating blow, stunning any assailant. Made in the USA by Burlsusa, our one size fits all ballcap is adjustable and comfortably secures in place. We also offer a tactical version which has velcro on the front crown panel so you can display your morale patches, groups nameplates and organization logos. 


  • Discrete, undetectable personal defense Baseball-style cap hat

  • Impact resistant heavy duty Nylon ripstop pouch material

  • Steel Shot Weighted 135g Reinforced Pouch sewn into the back of ballcap

  • Similar density of lead (Non-Lead Product) 100% Safe 

  • Reinforced Ballcap designed to impact any assailant

  • Adjustable to fit any size Men's or Women's head

  • Made In The USA by Burls (Burls Quality Guarantee)

  • Orders shipped within one business day!



  • Standard Fit

  • Structured Crown ($1.00)

  • Morale Patch Velcro (Tactical Option - $2.00)

Moral Patch Military Baseball Cap | Tactical Ballcap | Sap Cap
Military Sap Cap, Security Ball Cap, Self Defense Hat, Tactical Hat, Men's Ball Cap, Sap Cap weighted hat, defensive Ball cap, burls Sap Cap


Phone Case EDC Wallet with Sheath and Knife Combo | EDC Case Wallet Knife | Burls Phone Case Wallet

Phone Case | Card Wallet With Sheath And Knife - $139.95

Phone Case | Card Wallet  | Sheath | Knife 

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